Meet Our Team

Though special sometimes, Bumblebee Racing consists of some of the best team members a crew could ask for.
Here are our four core

Jeff Miller


Jeff Miller is the owner and driver of Bumblebee and Bumblebee Prime. With an extensive background in drag racing, Jeff is ready to handle just about any circumstance with a calm peace.

Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller

Crew Chief/Tuner

Patrick Miller, son of Jeff, grew up around aviation and racing throughout his childhood. As one of the youngest crew chiefs and tuners at this level, he has proven to be dynamic and competitive.


Connally Kendrick

Social Media Director

Connally Kendrick has been around since the beginning of Bumblebee. In 2017, he took the initiative to explode the online presence of the team, making it become so much more than just the car and core members today.

Quintin White

Quintin White

Interteam Relations

Quintin White is a key player when it comes to knowing what to say when the "other guys" speak out. He takes the role of locking in those races with the ones who are seriously itching to put the money where their mouth is.

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